We here at New South Labs are always adding something new and exciting!

iPoint Kiosk One customer said, “It’s like having an ATM machine with a camera in your office.”
SMART MIRROR– The ultimate dispensing tool that will revolutionize your business!
Trace and Transfer– We’ve set our sights on the horizons.
HOYA Vision Care Products:

  1. HOYA Wide Series- Broadens your near vision, can be fit as low as14 high.
  2. 1.70 Index Plastic– The thinnest, lightest, lens material available.
  3. 1.6 EYAS-The choice material for drilled rimless.
  4. PHOENIX (1.53 index)– New, lighter, thinner, impact resistant material. Phoenix Lenses are composed of the TRIVEX™ lens material improved by Hoya Lens of America.
  5. Best Lens for Children (click here)

TRILOGYTM and the future in Eye care. Trilogy is the first lens to offer maximum impact resistance plus ultra lightweight and thinness without compromising optical performance.
eyeMaginations will help your practice educate and communicate with patients, increase sales of specialty lenses and lens enhancements, gain access to new patients, save time and increase office efficiency, generate ROI immediately, provide consistent explanations from all staff, enhance the patient experience during routine visits.